DIC – DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION was established 12 years ago and very soon became very famous as an international player in the diamond and jewellery industry. DIC is a high-class jewellery company specializing in investment diamonds for individual investors all over the world.

DIC is a shareholder of a prestigious diamond stock market in Antwerp Beurs voor Diamanthandel, which is one of the oldest diamond stock markets in the world. In 2014, DIC became a member of DDE Dubai Diamond Exchange which helped us to introduce ourselves at a Middle East market

The company open a showroom in Prague, Bratislava, Sofia, Dubai.

All our jewellery is produced with the highest share of handwork and emphasis on the quality in every detail. As well as following the world design trends in jewellery, we not only come up with new collections, but, as we honour the traditions, in our offer you will also find “the conservative” designs that were trendy decades ago and are still popular.

Each diamond is certified by the worldwide recognized international gemmological laboratories. As one of the few companies in the world, we also provide the quality reports of diamond jewellery. We have over 25,000 satisfied clients around the world.

DIC cooperates with the most prominent experts in the field, fashion designers and celebrities, participates in charity and social events and through own marketing activities DIC helps create society-wide opinion on diamonds. DIC showrooms outstand with beautiful products as well as excellent service for VIP clients and pleasant atmosphere.

DIC humbly collects records, for example the biggest investment diamond sold in a region, the most expensive diamond crown produced for a Beauty Queen of Miss Universe Slovakia 2009, and unique version of network sale. DIC has become the crown sponsor of Miss Universe Organization for years 2014-2016, and also the producer of diamond crowns for the pageant Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss US Teen.

DIC is a progressively growing company that always sets new and higher aims and constantly strives to become a globally respected leader in the field of diamonds.


The Diamond Certainty project began in the pre-sales phase in the end of 2017 of a new era of DIC. We want to capture modern trends and customize the sales tools of the company when more and more deals are taking place in the online world. At the same time, we definitely do not intend to leave physical contact with the customer and we will continue to go through a diamond club that offers its partners the background for their work and which supports our common business successes.

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Diamond showrooms and clubs are currently in Prague, Bratislava, Sofia and Dubai. We are working for our clients in cooperation with partner companies in other countries.